CAFKA.18: Marcia Huyer

Marcia Huyer's Negotiating +/- consists of 160 opaque white plastic bags which inflate and deflate at various times. Each bag is inflated by its own fan and positioned closely together with the overall shape of the installation corresponding to the shape of the skylight above the mall intersection. There will be sufficient space surrounding the piece for the public to walk around. Every bag is attached to a circular plywood base with a fan inserted. The base sits a few inches from the ground. Each bag inflates to 40 inches high by 30 inches wide. The inflation and deflation of each component will be controlled through a micro-controller using a variety of data sets. This is similar to the controlling of an LED matrix, but rather than LED lights turning on and off the fans would turn on and off, inflating and deflating the bags in a variety of patterns and sequences.