Neutrinos They Are Very Small: Render (UW Art Gallery)

The artists in Neutrinos They Are Very Small (Rebecca Diederichs, Gordon Hicks, and Sally MacKay) respond to the Sudbury Neutrino Observtory as a site of observation, experimentation, and, above all, passionate curiosity about the inner workings of the cosmos. Taking its title from a poem by John Updike, the exhibition offers an encounter between advanced physics and the artistic imagination through speculative representations of subatomic particles and the process of scientific inquiry. Probing affinities between the ways in which science and art strive to make sense of the world, the works in the exhibition are poetic renderings, musings, and comically low-tech, sci-fi style renditions of the subatomic shenanigans of matter and energy. 

Neutrinos They Are Very Small was curated by Corinna Ghaznavi