Report From Berlin

CAFKA.TV recently returned from a brief trip to Berlin. The first part of this video was shot at one of the few places where one can see any remaining evidence of the wall and the wide swath of land that was left in its wake. We spoke briefly to Matthew Carver and then to Wojciech Olejnik (apologies for the obvious misspelling) about being an artist in Berlin, about all the things happening there and why it seems that Berlin--contrary to the Guardian's recent assertion--is still the place to be. (Watch out for Elvis Costello in the background--or at least someone who bears a striking resemblance. With all the Canadians running around Berlin, we were surprised that we didn't run into Diana Krall.) Wojciech Olejnik's Review of Monika Baer and Thomas Bayrle exhibition at Barbara Weiss Gallery (Berlin, Germany, where this video was shot) in C Magazine #95 FALL 2007. 
Thanks to Wojciech, Sara Jane, Lauren, Emmy, & Greg for showing us a great time.