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At CAFKA, smartphones were the test site for MATR 1291, a new sense organ for hearing time. In collaboration with the Communitech Apps Factory, spurse gleaned data from cell phone manufacturing and disposal techniques, physical environmental processes, changing economic conditions, and the movements through the city of the MATR participating public, to co-compose new experiences of our deep time  entanglement with the world. The pulse, amplitude, and timbre of this interactive sound experiment will be completely controlled by the collected data variables.

During CAFKA, spurse held information sessions at City Hall where the public was introduced to the use of MATR. Participants may conduct their own research, collect data and bring their experiences back to the research centre. Information received was fed into the system and in turn informed the sound and helped to broaden the scope of MATR research.

Spurse is a creative consulting and design collaborative that catalyzes critical issues into collective action through research, design, publication and teaching, and the making of structures, exhibitions and events. Spurse begins every curiosity by asking: How are we of the world and not merely in it? Spurse's work links across multiple systems, engaging emergent complexities of both the human and the nonhuman, the organic and the non-organic: meeting problems worth having and co-creating worlds worth making.

spurse -n 1. spur: a tangent, or an indirect path that is followed to new solutions and possibilities; -v 2. spur: to prod others on, to catalyze into action; -n 3. purse: a holder of critical diverse instruments for getting us through our everyday lives, something beautiful and necessary; -v 4. interspersed:nothing stands alone; -v 5. disperse: everything is much larger than it seems--it is distributed.