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04. Manuela Lalic (Montréal, QC) - Freedom Prototype


Freedom Prototype is a mixed media installation that submerges a ten-speed touring bicycle in a mass of paperclips and cacti.

Manuela Lalic pays particular attention to the functionalist aspects of our system of social organization as a model of society. To create a tension between what is individual and collective, she uses objects, furniture and functional materials as signifiers of our sense of life. Through installation and performance, she critiques mass transportation (eg, the metro) to reveal our how we prefabricate and standardize our desires and needs. Through accumulation, material becomes a place from which she stages disturbing and joyful ironies that may question our collective moments.

Manuela Lalic has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions (Québec, Canada, France, Germany, England, Belgium, Serbia, Japan, China and Lebanon). In 2009, she was awarded the Pratt & Whitney and the Canada Council for the Arts, New York Residency (International Studio and Curatorial Program).

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