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Caroline St.-Laurent and Liliane Moussa (Montreal): Women Performing ARTS + SPORTS Femmes en performance

CAFKA20_CARO-LILIANE_Felix_Rioux_5250_01 b.jpgFor CAFKA.20 St.-Laurent and Moussa will be working with a local sports clubs to create a series of performance art events. The objective of these workshops is to initiate women athletes and sportswomen of different age and disciplines to performance art and movement. They will be working with women ice hockey players, gymnasts, and cross-fit athletes. St.-Laurent and Moussa will create a series of performative actions that bring them to share their experience as women in sports. These performative actions will generate unusual use of their body and utilize sports equipment in different ways than they are used to (new timings, gestures, histories). There will be no search for perfection in the actions and movements here, but rather for authenticity and vulnerability. Finally, the performative actions seek to empower the athletes and let them claim the space.


About the artists

Montreal-based performance artist Caroline St.-Laurent’s art and sport hybrid comes from a feminist analysis of the cult of performance. The rules of sport, its various disciplines, its places, its codes, its accessibility, are for her fertile ground to question our high performance society, the inequality of its relationships and the anxiety that results from them.

Liliane Moussa was a gymnastics athlete and coach for twenty years before becoming a physiotherapist in 2006. Following her passion for performing arts, she graduate with a dance degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal in 2012. Liliane Moussa is dance artist and co-director of Alt-Shift Dance Collective.