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Daniel Griffin Hunt (Toronto): It's the bits

Artist's rendering of it's the bits 2019.

"It’s the bits is a series of stools or ottomans that come together to create a larger, interactive installation. Each part of It’s the bits has a unique form and is an individual sculpture within the larger installation. Each ottoman will have its own unique title in parentheses following the larger title It’s the bits.

. . . Through its material form, It’s the bits asks the viewer how the architectural landscape is informed by the agricultural one. The food in this work is variously encased in resin, cement, and plaster. These are sculptural modes that are analogous to some of the processes of preserving food such as canning, drying, pickling, curing, salting etc. Each ottoman has a unique food object or 'food-adjacent' object in it, 'food-adjacent' being a term to describe something that supports the food industry, the food labour force, the architecture of growing and purchasing food goods."

Daniel Griffin Hunt 


Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 12.16.55 copy_4.pngAbout the artist

Daniel Griffin Hunt works with food politics, agricultural practices, ergonomics and art. Through sculpture, drawing and written works, Hunt presents artworks that highlight the formal, material and ethical concerns complicit in food and human-based relationships.