Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

Jane Tingley, Cindy Poremba, Marius Kintel (Kitchener/Toronto): anyWare

Jane Tingley, Marius Kintel (Kitchener) and Cindy Poremba (Toronto) will be exhibiting “anyWare” a distributed modular sculpture connected to the Internet, each unit physically mirroring each other (i.e. if a blue light lights up on one sculpture, that same blue will light up on all of the sculptures). The objects simultaneously respond to people who interact with them, and enable people in different locations to interact with each other.  

The objects encourage playful interactions that are designed to inspire experimentation, exploration, and potential “conversations” with other interactors. Interacting with the sculptures reveals different modes of interactivity as well as different levels of aesthetic experience, which the artists are calling “Art States.”