Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

Rouzbeh Akhbari and Sahar Te (Toronto): Woven Between Parallel Lines

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Inspired by long established linguistic and musical inter-connections between various bird species and sapiens, this experiential project invites the audience to pay careful attention to surrounding soundscapes. 

Using parabolic sound reflectors commonly used by bird watchers to distinguish hard-to-hear bird calls in the wild, Rouzbeh Akhbari and Sahar Te are creating a contemplative interspecies eaves dropping opportunity. 

Recurring performances associated with this work will activate the parabolic reflectors by establishing a call and response between trained singers and non-human vocals frequenting the installation.  


Artist Portrait with sahar.jpgAbout the artists

Sahar Te is a sound and text-based artist who works to open up alternative realities and challenge common approaches to “original” content. From language and semiotics, social dynamics and ethics, Te’s projects engage in geopolitical discourse to challenge power on different levels. Rouzbeh Akhbari is an artist working in video installation and film. Through a examination of the violences and intimacies that occur at the boundaries of lived experience and constructed histories, Akhbari works to uncover the minutiae of power that organize and regiment the world around us.