Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

Hiba Abdallah (Toronto): A List of Antagonisms


We live in a world of oppositional views, but what narratives are missing from our communities when we choose to ignore other perspectives? A List of Antagonisms is a public project that collects and frames opposing viewpoints on a range of issues present in various places. The project offers a series of positions that represent different, and often times conflicting, perspectives authored by the community itself. The first iteration of this work took place in Hamilton in 2018. Hiba Abdallah is proposing a new list specific to the Region to be projected on the Old Post Office Building of the Cambridge Public Library. 


20170308-signs-2-ts.jpg;w=960;h=640;bgcolor=000000.jpgAbout the artist

Over the last decade, Hiba Abdallah has created numerous public installations, commissions, and interventions that have gained international recognition. Abdallah spent many years as lead artist for the collective, Broken City Lab, and has a lot of experience working on small and large-scale public projects, including a piece in CAFKA 2011. Today, her work maintains a strong commitment to exploring the transformative potential of art in public spaces. She has a deep investment and curiosity around locality and public forms of intervention. Abdallah's public projects offer an injection of playful and thoughtful creativity into various communities across North America.