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Karina Bergmans (Ottawa): YAY HAY!

Jelly Roll Bales.jpgFor CAFKA.21 Karina Bergmans is proposing YAY HAY! YAY HAY! will be a series of covered round bales painted to look like jelly rolls and other sweet cakes.  The covers will be cut out of household tarps, sewed with piping edge at the seams and with an added top stitched pattern to the surface to create a graffiti feel. YAY HAY!  stems from OOH AH WOW, an intervention the artist presented in 2011 at Fieldwork, in Perth, Ontario which consisted of large scale word-shaped sculptures made from household tarps and stuffed with hay.  The sculptures were stuffed on-site with hay and installed with T-bars supports in the ground.


About the artist

The intersection between art and science is the crux of Karina Bergmans’ art practice. By converging the themes of communication and the body, she creates cross disciplinary installations merging art and science. Bergmans works in sculpture, installation, performance, public art and public interventions. Her work has been exhibited provincially and nationally.