Open Sesame Project Window 2017 - 18

Lèche Vitrine

Mélika Hashemi: Ma'jooj

Location: Open Sesame, 220 King Street West, Kitchener, ON (King Street windows)

A reception for the artist will take place at Open Sesame on Friday, September 7, at 6 PM. All are welcome.

Installation on view through October 2018


Artist Statement:

"#FleeingTheFolio was born out of a desire to present the feeling of "displacement" that many experience on different levels (emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally). I chose to incorporate Persian Miniatures from various manuscripts (i.e. Wonders of Creation and Oddities of What Exists) into my own photographs to convey 'displacement' in a more literal way. In doing so, I aim to raise questions surrounding identity and belonging (by titling most images inconsistent with the miniatures' titles in manuscripts, for example)."

- Melika Hashemi 

MH Serpent web_0.jpg MH Fritz web.png MH parcour web.jpg

Images from #FleeingTheFolio series courtesy of the artist.

About the artist:

Melika Portrait.jpgMélika Hashemi is a Canadian artist working primarily in photography, sculpture, and installation. Her work is informed by her understanding of a culture she has only experienced in hyphenated ways. Hashemi is represented by KAC (Katara Art Center) in Doha, Qatar.

Lèche Vitrine is a collaboration with CAFKA - Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area and Open Sesame and made possible with the support of the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund. Vinyl printing and installation by Toronto Glass Film

Image: Mélika Hashemi, Ma’jooj, digital collage, 2018.

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