Become a Sponsor

You can help bring a beautiful idea to life by sponsoring a CAFKA artist.

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Your support can help cover the costs of transportation and accommodation, fabrication costs, equipment and professional services, and installation labour for a public art installation.

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You can also be an in-kind sponsor. CAFKA is often in need of engineering, architectural, electrical, electronic and hospitality services. Your expertise can help make the difference.

And CAFKA is always looking for both outdoor and indoor spaces for installations and events. If you have a great space that you think CAFKA could use, let us know. 

Your Sponsorship Can Do A Lot

Financial sponsorship of CAFKA can help in many ways: A donation of $1,000 can support the travel costs of an internationally recognized artist, while $5,000 can help cover the cost of materials, technicians and installation labour for an entire project. Gifts of $10,000 can help CAFKA more effectively market the exhibition, and build greater awareness. A leadership sponsorship of $25,000 can help CAFKA add a contract employee to support our logistical and marketing challenges leading up to the biennial. 


Donor Benefits


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Recognition in exhibition guide; Framed 18 x 12 photo 


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CAFKA gratefully acknowledges its supporters

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Art Stars

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Rex Lingwood & Wendy Mitchinson

The Schwartz Family

Brian Hawthornthwaite, Dan McCormick

Gerhard & Hilda Pries

Ron Harder, Trent Bauman, Anthony Salomone, Tara Cooper





David Critch, Gary Foster, Jennifer Hurley, David Jensenius, Betty Anne Keller, Victoria Kent, Helen Lavigne, Marcel O'Gorman, Suzanne Seah, Caroline Simpson, Gordon Hatt, Victoria Kent, Dean Hughes, 


Fran Barnett, Kate Dalgleish, Stewart Lindsay, Amy Ross, Bruce Taylor, Jennifer Vasic, Colin Ellard, Roberta Grosland, Fran Barnett, Kate   Dalgleish, Jennifer Vasic, Melissa Bowman, Breana Walker

Art Lovers

Paulina Cisneros, Cherie Fawcett, Aaron Francis, Ted Gibbons, Matthew Reynolds, Jenna van Klaveren, Lauren Weinberg, Laura Moza Ohashi, Aaron Francis, Paulina Cisneros Colin, Ted Gibbons, Jenna van Klaveren, Jacqueline Terry, Kate Swift


Isaac Ayala, Sherry Czekus, Kaitlin Dedman, Christina DiPaola, Carolyn Earnest, Maureen Ellis, Cherie Fawcett, Aaron Francis, Reese Hart, James Howe, Tiffany Howes, Milan Kozamora, Tee Kundu, Helena Kwiecinski, Ryan Leandres, Karen Malcolm, Andrea Mauro, Emma McKay, Matthew Mousseau, Ian Newton, Eryn O'Neill, Lindsay Orr, Sasa Rajsic, Joe Rawlings, Mark Resmer, John Schanck, Frank Seglenieks, Beth Timmer, Emily Traichel, Hannah Van Opstal, Thomas Vicario, Max Whelan, Annette Woloszyn, Gary Young, Cheng Zhong.