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2021 marks CAFKA biennial's 20th anniversary as the longest-running, free public art forum in Ontario. The quality and impact of the CAFKA’s mission is only possible through the generous support of individuals like you. Help us to continue bringing art, creativity, and innovation to the Region and beyond.

We're a small, artist-driven, volunteer fueled organization with limited resources, and we need your help to continue to engage our community in the spaces they encounter daily. 

Today, as we continnue to recover from the global pandemic, it is more important than ever to provide our communities with a place to reflect and escape; to gain clarity and think of the things that matter most; or to simply discard and replenish. Every biennial, CAFKA strives to address the needs of our communities: artists, partner-organizations, and volunteers set out to install art that is hopeful, thought-provoking, and fun – driving residents to places they hadn’t imagined as backdrops for contemporary art, where they themselves can explore, learn, and imagine.

The work begins now to secure the necessary resources to mount our next biennial in 2023.

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If you prefer to donate by cheque, you can mail your donation to our CAFKA office address or email us at cafka @ if you would like to connect. 

About CAFKA:  

Celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2021, CAFKA - Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener + Area is an artist-run organization that produces a biennial exhibition of contemporary art projects in the public spaces of the Region of Waterloo and surrounding areas. As Ontario’s longest-running public art forum, for 20 years CAFKA has supported a diverse spectrum of local, national and international artists in the presentation and dissemination of over 270 ground-breaking, contemporary, interactive and interventionist public artworks to millions of audiences through biennial programming, annual exhibitions and special projects. As a pillar within KW, CAFKA’s free biennial program in unexpected public spaces expands contemporary art experiences outside gallery environments and positions them as critical and integral parts of community life—accessible to everyone. Through the biennial, lectures, tours, workshops and related special projects, CAFKA develops opportunities for people in the community and beyond to learn about contemporary art, and engage in discourse around issues of public and private space.

CAFKA is a registered Canadian charity whose activities are made possible with the active participation of its many volunteers and the support of its members, donors, funders and sponsors.