CAFKA’s Board of Directors is made up of individuals with a passion for contemporary art, and a drive to facilitate community engagement. CAFKA’s board is a working board that leads strategy, establishes practices and policies, and oversees operations and finances. In addition, each board member actively participates in at least one committee. 

We accept ongoing applications to the board of directors. 

Currently, we are activley recruiting to fill the role of Treasurer. 

The Treasurer plays a critical role in the financial management of the organization working in partnership with the Board of Directors, the bookkeeper, and the staff of CAFKA. The Treasurer will report monthly to the Board on the financial affairs of the organization. The Treasurer is responsible for the oversight of the preparation, integrity, and dissemination of the financial and related information of CAFKA. This includes financial statements, financial reporting practices and systems of internal financial controls, the engagement of the external auditors and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Prospective Board members should have some (or several) of the following general qualifications: 

  • Capacity to contribute time, energy, and resources to CAFKA
  • Leadership in the non-profit sector (board experience)
  • A passion for contemporary art and culture
  • Strategic thinking
  • Excellent communication and collaborative skills
  • Strong community ties
  • Have a connection to the Waterloo Region 


Serve a 3-year term (renewable to a max of 6 years) 

Attend monthly meetings - up to 10 meetings per year 

Sit on one committee (fundraising, marketing, programming, governance, finance, installation, education) 

Work with staff to develop and implement best practices/ policies 

Participate in fundraising and arranging sponsorships 

Activation of personal and professional networks 

Oversee the financial health of the organization month-to-month and long-term 

Ability to mentor and support others, including staff and fellow Board members 

Attend and support CAFKA biennial and events 

Important notes:

Board membership is voluntary. Board members may not receive financial compensation or other benefit. CAFKA accepts applications for membership to its Board of Directors on an ongoing basis. This is a volunteer position holding a three-year term commitment. Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age. 

To Apply:

Please send a confidential statement of interest along with your CV to cafka @ cafka.org

Or via regular mail: CAFKA - Studio #7, Globe Studios, 141 Whitney Place, Kitchener, ON N2G 2X8 CANADA For questions please call (519) 744-5123 or email cafka @ cafka.org

Applications are accepted year-round, with directors inducted officially at the Annual General Meeting.