The Count Down Is On!

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One year from now CAFKA.18, our 12th exhibition of contemporary art in public spaces in the Waterloo Region will open. We can’t wait! Can you? 

Here at CAFKA HQ we have a team of volunteers working to put together a great exhibition for you! We have received 235 applications from over 35 different countries, including Iraq, Morocco, Poland, Australia, India, and Brazil. Eighteen artists, curators, and visual art enthusiasts are working together to make a shortlist of projects to bring to Waterloo Region. This show is shaping up to be truly spectacular!

Will you consider making a charitable contribution in support of CAFKA today? You could make a gift of $52, a dollar for each week leading up to CAFKA.18? Or maybe you could be super awesome and give $365—a dollar for each day? The more money we can raise, the more quality projects we can bring from local and international artists. Help us to keep building a bigger and better exhibition that our community can be proud of.

Please take a moment to share our campaign and tell your friends about your generosity with #CAFKA. Share your memories and pictures of CAFKA using #cafkamemories. Get involved today! 


Michelle Purchase 

CAFKA Chair and President

P.S. Coming soon—our local CAFKA Rewind lecture seriesThis fall, all CAFKA members will receive special invitations to meet the artists and connect with other curious public art lovers!

Photo top:  Liz Little  “Song Without Words" - June 2015 - location: Duke & Ontario Parking Garage, (a.k.a. Parkenheim) at 33 Ontario Street North, Kitchener.  photo by Cory Bluhm.


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Make a tax deductible donation to CAFKA now through CanadaHelps. CAFKA is member-run organization. All donors of $25 are consider Members in good standing (for one year). Members participate on committees and select the Board of Directors at our annual general meeting.



Contact us if you would like to become a sponsor by donating goods and services or financially supporting CAFKA’s activities and events. For more information about sponsoring CAFKA, please visit our SPONSORSHIP page.



CAFKA volunteers support our special events, work with exhibiting artists to install projects, help produce CAFKA TV video, assist in marketing and promotion, programming, education, and hospitality. If you would like to become a CAFKA volunteer, please complete our our on-line volunteer application form.


CAFKA gratefully acknowledges its supporters


Biennial Sponsor









Rex Lingwood & Wendy Mitchinson

Sarah Goldrup

Bernie Nimer

Peter Schwartz



Brian Hawthornthwaite

Dan McCormick

Cherie Fawcett

Jon Buysse

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CAFKA.14 Opening Reception Caterer

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Steve Lavigne, Michelle Purchase, Mike Ambedian, Trent Bauman


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Art Stars

Emily Traichel, Victoria Kent, Sam Boucher-Hatt, Mark Resmer, Ji Luo, Samantha Mellick, Jen Love, Maria Chowdhury, Jessie Lacayo, Rachel Dang

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Kristina Foster, Barb Hobot



Lissa Beaucage, Menno S. Martin Contractor, Jose Castillo, Shantal  Meyers, Greg Bruce, Edward Pien, Tony Salomone, Frank Seglenieks, Magdalena Milosz, Sarah  Ocean, Mary Catherine Newcomb, Allie Brenner, Karen Molloy, David  McKee, Tom NagyChris Ahlers, Elizabeth Connor, Virginia Cornford, Laura De Decker, Greig de Peuter, Catherine Farwell, Kathryn Forler, Rory Green, Ron Harder, Peter Hatch, Jennifer Hurley, Linda Janzen, Helen Lavigne, Jon Litchfield, Beth Locke, Adrian Love, David Love, Kathleen Ann Love, Mary McGrath, Gerhard & Hilda Pries, Caroline Simpson, Donna Whiting, Glennis Yantzi



Shanon Doolittle, Simon Scriver, Jesse Bauman, Gordon Harris, John Lepp, Tara Lepp, Michelle Purchase, Bruce Taylor, Roberta Grosland


Art Lovers

Jim Martin, Daniel Banko, Gordon Hatt, Derek Humphries, Lindsey Jacobs,  Victoria Kent, Tania Little, Kimberley MacKenzie, Adelia Marchese, Karyn & Michael Robson, Ana White, Robert Achtemichuk, Sara Campbell, Shannon Kennedy, Jerry Lawlor, Sonya Poweska, Maeve Strathy, Sarah Lennox, Eliana Neath