Wednesday June 13, 2018, 12 Noon, Kitchener City Hall, 200 King St W, Kitchener

Polly Beats performs dreamy minimalist music by composers such as Erik Satie, Philip Glass, and originals by Polly Beats, amplified through ARENA, from 12 - 1 PM during the first three Wednesdays of June. 

Polly Beats is an artist, composer, and experimentalist who resides in Kitchener. Polly specializes in music, specifically piano and voice, but also participates in film, photography, and tech-art projects. They can be seen performing in traditional classical settings, on the street busking, and everywhere in between. Keep your eyes peeled for Polly Beats, you never know where they can be seen or heard.

ARENA Live Performance Program sponsored by 

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