Kitchener artist Nicole Beno's Objects of Desire will be the next featured artwork in the Lèche Vitrine: Open Sesame Window Project series. There will be an opening reception for the artist on Friday, October 26 at 6 PM. The exhibition will run through December 2018.   

About Objects of Desire, Nicole writes ". . . (it) shows a world, a composition that has objects and things, where the viewer is unsure of what they are or what they do; abstract in form and function in their glossy, shiny state. They could act as a metaphor for consumerist culture, and how design/advertising industries can convince consumers to purchase things they don't need so well.

The piece may also bring up nostalgia and affection already present in things and objects we collect, that we adorn/decorate/show affection to. 

The creation of the piece came from finding inspiration in my own consumerist choices. Being attracted to objects for their sense of creating an immediate feeling of satisfaction, joy, pleasure. I went to Ikea and found this effect when purchasing useless vases, or going to the dollar store and purchasing things for their texture, like bouncy balls, slimy play-do, glitter pens... etc etc. 

The colour palette is created with a lo-fi/kitchy/dollar store feel mixed with high fashion consumer culture inspiration. Gold, deep blues, lavender purples, and saturated colours combined soft pastels and florals, feeling playful but also geometric."


About the artist

Nicole Beno is a graduate of the fine arts and communication studies program at the University of Windsor, and a graduate of the York University master of graphic design program in Toronto. She's worked on a number of art and fashion projects including look books, catalogues, murals and installations. In her free time she likes to screen-print and get her hands dirty with paint.



Lèche Vitrine: Open Sesame Window Project is supported by the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund.

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