The 2020 CAFKA AGM will be held May 20th, 2020 via videoconference hosted on Zoom. 

In order to ensure the meeting is secure and not susceptible to security risks, we ask that all members pre-register before the AGM using this link. Please register by May 18th. An invite to the Zoom meeting will be sent to all registered participants on May 17th to the registered email address. Unfortunately, in order to simplify the voting process only members, board and staff will be permitted to attend the meeting. CAFKA is a non-profit corporation and registered charity. It is governed by a board of directors who are elected from its membership. You are a CAFKA member if you have donated $25 or more to CAFKA in the past year. You also qualify for membership, if you have contributed 25 hours or more of volunteer labour during the past year. Per CAFKA by-laws Section 9 members in good standing are entitled to assign a proxy to vote on their behalf at any meeting of the members of the organization. If you would like to attend but are unable to and would like to assign a proxy you can do so using the registration form. We apologize to our supporters who wish to attend and hope to have our regular in-person AGM and welcome all guests next year.

The meeting agenda will be as follows

CAFKA 2020 AGM Agenda 

  1. Approval of the Agenda 
  2. Approval of Minutes from 2019 AGM 
  3. Consideration and approval of the financial statements 
  4. Report of the Auditor 
  5. Appointment of the auditor 
  6. Approval of By-laws 
  7. Election/Ratification of Directors


2019 AGM Minutes 

2020 Proposed By-laws 

2019 Auditor's report 


Please contact [email protected] to confirm your membership status.