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CAFKA is back, and ready to book year-end field trips! 

We are excited to be presenting another exhibition of ground-breaking interactive contemporary art June 3 – July 22, 2023, throughout Kitchener, Waterloo, & Cambridge in the places people frequent: parks, transit stops, local businesses, educational institutions, storefronts & historic sites. 

This year’s theme, Stay With Me, asks us to pause, reflect, and come together in the face of shared uncertainties and struggles – housing needs, mental health, climate instability, social justice, and yearning for belonging. Stay With Me cultivates reciprocity for the individual and collective, offering public platforms, with and without words, while advocating for acts of care, accountability, and learning/ unlearning in community with one another. 

Our school programs will each be approximately an hour and thirty minutes long and will focus on one of several clusters of artworks. Every walking tour will involve opportunities to engage with the artwork through programming that illustrates how artists develop meaning through their artistic research, as well as physically through the elements and principles of design. 

For those schools within walking distance of a cluster of artworks, we are encouraging walking the whole way through. If your class is unable to walk to one of our sites and will be using transportation, we can work with you to decide which cluster(s) is the best choice for you (please see our exhibition sites on the following pages). For the sake of safety on our tours, group sizes should not exceed 30 students, and adult volunteers are requested. 

School programs only cost $5.00 per student and spots are limited, so please book quickly! If the cost presents a barrier to your participation, please contact us. No one will be turned away. Morning and afternoon slots are available between June 7th to June 30th on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Bookings will close 14 days ahead of their respective tour date. 


To sign up for a tour date, please click to follow this link: BOOK TOURS HERE

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