Photo of tent that says "deep time sense organ"
spurse (USA) - MATR 1291 Mobile Apparatus for Temporality Research, Kitchener City Hall, CAFKA.11.
The artist collective "spurse" is the second featured speaker in the Big Ideas in Art and Culture lecutre series.
Many years ago spurse began as a rag tag bunch of artists, architects, BMXers, philosophers etc. They
were curious and perplexed by how things happened, emerged, and changed. Over the ensuing years they
have often been categorized as “interventionist artists” or an “artist collective.” These labels and
practices, while being interesting enough, seem far from their interests today. They still are a rag-tag
bunch, there are more of them, and their work has expanded. But more than this they have grown and
shifted both in their ideas, and their practices.
spurse’s curiosity, and the ideas that have emerged through working with others, have caused them to
rethink and remake themselves a number of times. They are most curious about systems – systems that
entangle us as humans with non-humans across many scales and logics. They are interested in
experimenting on a systems level with questions and issues.
spurse’s work encompasses a broad spectrum of disciplines, including geography, history, the
environment and social innovation.
spurse will be in the Waterloo Region to present a lecture about their philosophy, working methods and
past/upcoming projects on Thursday, May 6, starting at 7pm. On Saturday, May 8, from 10am to 1pm they
will be holding a roundtable discussion with community stakeholders to explore possible collaboration
and to inform a project they are developing for CAFKA’s 2011 program.
Both events are open to the public & are free of charge. Both events are being held at the Kitchener Public
Library (85 Queen Street North, lower level).
We hope you are able to join us.