On Monday, April 16, 2012, the membership of CAFKA – Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area met to elect a new board of directors during their annual general meeting at Kitchener City Hall.
Outgoing Board Chair Gareth Lichty announced his retirement from the CAFKA board after six years of service to the organization, and welcomed new directors Patrick Keen (Waterloo, ON), Brian Hawthornthwaite (Cambridge, ON), Amy Corner (Elora, ON), Ciara McKeown (Hamilton, ON), Graham Whiting (Waterloo, ON) and Stephen Lavigne (Kitchener, ON). The newly elected Chair and President is K. Jennifer Bedford, an artist, arts administrator, and an avid arts and culture advocate in Waterloo region.

Mr. Lichty also announced that the next CAFKA exhibition would take place during the entire month of June in 2014. This is a significant departure for the contemporary art festival, which has taken place in the month of September since its inception 11 years ago.

CAFKA will be working closely with the Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound on collaborative programming in 2013 to make the transition for both organizations to launch their new time slot in 2014. The two organizations will gain from crossover of audiences and supporting artistic visions. Open Ears has a sound installation component that is increasingly visual and CAFKA often presents visual artists working with sound. The initial conversations with funders have been very supportive of the organizations’ desire to collaborate more effectively.

“CAFKA is looking forward to exhibiting contemporary art in the month of June. The organization is aiming to put more art works in places where people will encounter them in the course of their day,” said Jennifer Bedford. “The artists and the volunteers spend a lot of time and energy to develop each CAFKA exhibition. We want a longer show so that more people have the chance to see it. CAFKA is also excited to shift to the spring and early summer, a time that provides us with optimal conditions for outdoor installations. It will make an exciting, kick-off to the summer tourist season.”

“This is a one-time delay in the biennial schedule. This shift in schedule is necessary for us to position CAFKA in the most advantageous time slot. After this shift, we will return to the regular biennial schedule,” states Gordon Hatt Executive Director of the organization. “In order to facilitate this adjustment, we are planning a smaller event in the spring of 2013 as well as a number of ancillary events intended to maintain our profile, and provide insight into the issues surrounding art in public spaces.”

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Gordon Hatt
Executive Director