CAFKA volunteers are busy at work planning an exciting contemporary art event that showcases the vision and vitality of this Region to the world.
If you attended the October 18th Big Ideas lecture with French artist Grégory Lasserre of "Scenocosme" then you've already had an advance showing of the amazing international talent we are bringing to Waterloo Region for the CAFKA biennial exhibition which runs from May 28 through June 26, 2016. If you are wondering who Scenocosme is and would like to get a taste of what it is they do, check out this video.
Waterloo Region is a place where cutting-edge technology and contemporary art meet, and we want to make our mark promoting local talent side-by-side ground-breaking international artists.
Here's a sneak peek at what's in store for CAFKA.16!
Toronto-based artist Ed Pien has exhibited across Canada and around the world over the course of his 30-year career. His installation "Staging" will in the Kitchener City Hall Rotunda will transform the space, creating small theatre stages with scaffolds, mirrors, ropes, lights, and video projections - an unsettling experience blurring illusion and reality.

Waterloo-based performance/video artist Lisa Birke will reimagine the cliché of the male hero walking away from a background explosion as a sequence of female stereotypes.

Kitchener-based artist Meghan Harder will construct a dispersed village of approximately 30 debris huts constructed of locally foraged material. Throughout the duration of the biennial, the artist will intermittently inhabit the village and run skill-building and information workshops on the subjects of shelter building, native plant identification, foraging, and other activities that encourage awareness of our essential connection to the natural environment. 

Bringing amazing art projects like these to our public spaces takes time, effort and money. We need your help to make CAKFA.16 happen. Please take a moment right now to:
a) Sign up and volunteer.
b) Send us ideas for sponsors or partners.
c) Consider making a gift to CAFKA yourself (a registered Canadian charity) . . . and watch for a Giving Tuesday campaign too!
Gordon Hatt, Executive Director