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"It is also a reflection, both in its deflection of light captured from the lake, and of a collective introspection of things that move us in their affect and beauty." - Mary Ma

Please consider making a donation to CAFKA before the year end. CAFKA.16 represented so much that is good in this community. It brought together the Region's art organizations, great artists, and a bunch of amazing volunteers who together presented some of the best and most inventive contemporary art on view anywhere. I've put together a collection of images from CAFKA.16 to help us remember what a great event CAFKA.16 was.

As we hurtle toward the end of this year you can celebrate those heady spring and summer days of 2016, and help CAFKA get ready for the next biennial in 2018 by making a donation to CAFKA. Donate before the end of the year and you'll receive a charitable tax credit for 2016.

Help us celebrate some of the best of the past year and join with us to support the best of all that is yet to come by making a gift to CAFKA today.

Yours reflecting on 2016, 

Gordon Hatt, CAFKA Executive Director

P.S. Happy New Year to you and yours! If you’re still looking for a way to ring in the new year, join us and other amazing people at the CAFKA New Years Ball!