We can’t do this without you. And we wouldn’t want to either!
Our theme for our amazing upcoming CAKFA.16 New Year’s Eve party also perfectly aligns with Giving Tuesday: We do together what we can’t do alone.
Right now, we are building the CAFKA.16 exhibition program, bringing challenging and inspiring contemporary art to our public spaces. And we are calling on all art lovers to make a special donation today in support of CAFKA.
We urgently need to raise just a few thousand dollars. Every single gift counts right now. Can we count on you to make your gift to CAFKA today?
And here’s what we can do with your gift:
•    Your gift of $25 funds an artist’s materials (lumber, fasteners, paint, brushes, ropes, etc.)
•    Your gift of $50 provides transportation and a warm welcome for a visiting artist
-    Your gift of $100 funds materials and program to inspire creative minds in a school program
•    Your gift of $250 presents a free artist’s talk to the public
•    Your gift of $500 funds an artist’s equipment rentals (lighting, scaffolding, trucks, projection equipment, tools, etc.)
•    Your gift of $1000 provides all artist and construction materials for one art installation
Gordon Hatt, Executive Director
P.S. When you’ve made your gift . . . THANKS!!! And also, will you spread the word and encourage other art lovers you know to support CAFKA this Giving Tuesday?