Supporters of contemporary art know that we thrive on the edges. With the support of amazing people like you, we bring unique, contemporary cutting-edge art to our public spaces. And, as we gear up for our biennial exhibition in the spring 2016, we will be blending and pushing the edges of art and technology with more curiosity, more passion and more inspiration than ever.

Today is Black Friday, and we want you to consider joining us in  doing something unexpected, and something positive today. Will you join us on the leading edge of Giving Tuesday and make a gift in support of CAFKA?

Our challenge is to raise $5,000 before our year end. The CAFKA Board of Directors has been hard at work getting ready for June 2016. The Program Committee has been working over the past year developing projects, installations and performances. The Special Events Committee has been spreading the joy and the Education Committee has been developing curriculum material. Can we count on you to join our Board of Directors and other volunteers to give what you can today? Each and every gift helps and is critically needed right now.

Here’s what we’ll do with your gift today:
•    Your gift of $25 funds an artist’s materials (lumber, fasteners, paint, brushes, ropes, etc.)
•    Your gift of $50 provides transportation and a warm welcome for a visiting artist
-    Your gift of $100 funds materials and programs to inspire creative minds in a school program
•    Your gift of $250 presents a free artist’s talk to the public
•    Your gift of $500 funds an artist’s equipment rentals (lighting, scaffolding, trucks, projection equipment, tools, etc.)
•    Your gift of $1000 provides all artist and construction materials for one art installation

And, as you can see, we want to show you some CAFKA love for your crucial support today!

Please, give today and support CAFKA. All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt.

Gordon Hatt
Executive Director