September - October 2019

CAFKA@ Conestoga Mall

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Dunnville, Ontario artist Paul Chartrand will develop a new project for Conestoga Mall entitled C02 Sequestration via Trees. The project will be on view in the mall's central intersection during September and October 2019. 

Many people in the Waterloo Region will recognize Paul Chartrand for his work Percolator, a hydroponic garden built into a commercial dumpster and installed in Carl Zehr Square for CAFKA.16. Percolator was a living metaphor for the hyper-caffeinated cycle of global energy production and waste.

For Conestoga Mall, the artist has proposed a new work: an octagonal domed greenhouse, built to mirror the dramatic skylight above. Paul Chartrand's greenhouse will be home to 2,423 seedlings, representing each individual's carbon footprint in trees.

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In the greenhouse the artist will nurture 1,120 White Pine and 1,303 Silver Maple seedlings sourced primarily from the Dunnville area. He arrived at the number of seedlings by estimating his personal, lifetime carbon footprint (15,116 metric tonnes -- the amount of carbon he will generate in his lifetime), and dividing that by the average lifetime carbon consumption of the two varieties of trees:  

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By planting 2,423 seedlings that grow into mature trees he will effectively neutralize his carbon footprint. 

Following the exhibition, the seedlings will be distributed to Conestoga Mall customers for planting.

Paul Chartrand's C02 Sequestration via Trees is the second CAFKA project made possible by Conestoga Mall. For CAFKA.18 Conestoga Mall sponsored Negotiating +/- by Marcia Huyer. Thank you to Rhonda Richmond, Marketing Manager and Karl Ditoro, General Manager at Conestoga Mall for their support and encouragement. 


About the artist

Paul Chartrand Website+Portrait.jpgPaul Chartrand works with constructed habitats built from found objects and integrated living components. His projects include various mediums and practical methodologies but focus particularly on sculpture and drawing. Paul finds inspiration in the blurry definitions of culture and nature; intending for his work to foster dialogue regarding this problematic dichotomy. His influences include many artists, writers and philosophers dealing with environmental discourses such as Helen and Newton Harrison, Hans Haacke, Mary Mattingly, Martin Roth, Jane Bennett, Timothy Morton, Vanessa Watts and more. Paul completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph in 2013 and his Master of Fine Arts degree at Western University for which he earned Ontario Graduate Scholarships and SSHRC funding. He has exhibited at galleries including the Niagara Artists Centre (St. Catharines), Roadside Attractions (Toronto), Xpace Cultural Centre (Toronto), Younger Than Beyonce Gallery (Toronto), Boarding House Gallery (Guelph), Artlab and Satellite Gallery (London), Idea Exchange (Cambridge), CAFKA (2016), Y+ Contemporary (Scarborough) and Main Squared Festival (Toronto).

This CAFKA project has been made possible with the support of Conestoga Mall and Whitefish Architecture. 

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