Moderator: Dan Ventura, Brigham Young University


  • Lilla LoCurto and Bill Outcault, New York City
  • James Morgan, Bay Area
  • Shirin Fahimi, Aurora, Ontario
  • Tee Kundu, Kitchener, Ontario
  • Stephen Kelly, Hamilton, Ontario

How are contemporary artists incorporating technology and artificial intelligence into their practice? At the International Conference on Computational Creativity, scholars are spending the week from June 19-23 talking about the practice and theory of computers creating artifacts that, if humans had created them, we would describe as creative. But what’s happening in the lives of working artists as this revolution in creative AI occurs?

This panel of working artists, including two who are exhibiting in the current CAFKA (Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area) biennale, will allow the audience to hear the perspective of both technologists and artists (and indeed some people who are both of these at once). After the panel, audience members are encouraged to explore the CAFKA biennale, including works on the University of Waterloo campus and nearby.


Presented in partnership with the International Conference on Computational Creativity

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