CAFKA.23: Stay With Me
June 3 – July 22, 2023
Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Featuring the work of: Stéphane Alexis, Joel Becker, Lindsey Carter, Amy Esplen, Shirin Fahimi, Behnaz Fatemi, Kandis Friesen, Mélika Hashemi and Nasim Asgari, Kablusiak, Abedar Kamgari, Tee Kundu, Isabel M. Martínez, Alisa McRonald, Sara Mozafari, The Observatory (Lucy Bilson, Nicole Beno), Lauren Prousky, Brenda Mabel Reid, Finnegan Shannon, Esther Slevinsky, Jessica Thompson, Tract Collective, Lan “Florence” Yee, Shellie Zhang, Zest Art Collective.

Continuing conversations from the previous biennial with artists and collaborators in the public sphere, 2023’s theme is guided by Stay with me… A declarative, yet vulnerable and tender invitation that beckons us to pause, reflect and come together – not only around the discourses, ruptures and speculative possibilities in the artworks presented – but also with each other. Recent events have brought into sharp relief the uncertainty and tenuous nature of our shared existence – social vulnerabilities, divisions, and yearning for belonging. How might we honour traditions, disruptions, differences, while collectively forging ahead? Stay with me… cultivates reciprocity for the individual and collective – offering public platforms, with and without words, while advocating for acts of care, accountability and learning/ unlearning in community with one another.

Additional highlights include: cross-disciplinary programming, exhibitions and installations with curatorial partner organizations, New Youth Council interventions; New Independent Project micro grants for artists in Waterloo region (call forthcoming); Film series (call forthcoming); New Performance/Theatre program; Additional cross-disciplinary activities, programs, tours in development.


Artists' Projects and Texts