Solidarity Day poster

For decades, June 21st has been celebrated as Solidarity Day at Six Nations of the Grand River. 

The Statutory holiday has been a day for community bonding and to express solidarity with other indigenous nations who are impacted by colonial systems. The expression of solidarity gives strength to the efforts required to live under a colonial state as sovereign people, and to face the violence that is at the heart of the state’s mechanisms. This day also is for standing with the non-human beings whose resiliency we must nurture for them to heal from the deep injuries done by the extractive capitalism governing this society.  

It is in solidarity with Six Nation, our hosts in this territory, that CAFKA and Longhouse Labs are sponsoring Solidarity Day activities in Waterloo Park along with O:se Kenhionhata:tie, Land Back Camp. 

The events welcome all to connect to our responsibilities to the treaties between us; to the lands, waters and creatures that occupy them; and, to each other, our communities and families that we sustain and who sustain us.

Friendly Lacrosse Games start at 10am, West Fields, Waterloo Park

Unity Jam concert  Noon-3:00, Bandshell, Waterloo Park

Please bring chairs, blankets, and appropriate apparel to make yourself comfortable for the day. Accessibility supports are available to access all events.

Being in solidarity with indigenous peoples also requires us to take action, to up the burden of correcting the course of our ship in the river that we share with them. We are all suffering under the colonial conditions that isolate and disconnect us in order for individual capital to be pursued by the few. Solidarity requires us to hold our elected officials to account for this, educate ourselves, and teach our children about the history of our peoples, the lands we occupy and our responsibilities to it.

Throughout Solidarity Day, Tract Collective will be taking over CAFKA’s IG account.  Resources will be made available for gaining understanding of Haudenosaunee history and relationships with colonial nations and resources will be made available for non-indigenous people to hold these colonial governments, and corporations that enjoy them, to account in the Haldimand Tract.

We hope everyone uses this Solidarity Day to make a commitment to act throughout the year and to contribute regularly to ensuring we live up to the honours and responsibilities layed out in the Treaties.