Purple info-graphic containing information about the Bead the Tract Workshop and Info booths.

Please join us Saturday, June 17th, Wednesday 21st and Saturday June 24th for beading workshops with beaders who are working on a collaborative beaded project to represent the Haldimand Tract.

Participants of the workshops will bead their own map, or traditional motifs of Tract flora and fauna. The fundamentals of beading will be introduced as well as Haudenosaunee beadwork traditions and practices. The nature of the activity offers opportunities for engagement, connecting with others, storytelling, sharing community, culture, and reflection. The beading workshop will be 1.5-3hrs in length and take place on a sign-up basis.

All materials will be provided to participants and a limited number of extra kits will be available for those who visit the community hub at the Kitchener Market.

Workshop signup can be done at:

About Bead the Tract:

In the fall of 2022, a call was made for Haudenosaunee beaders to participate in a beaded map project. Through a residency at the University of Waterloo’s Longhouse Labs, the beaders worked together and were supported in their consensus building through knowledge sharing and map making activities to decide on their process and approach to the proposition of a creating a beaded map.

Beaders embraced the process and continue to emphasize relationship building through the work needed. “Bead the Tract” will be a document of Haudenosaunee laws and perspectives on the land and water but it has also become a catalyst for related resurgence projects at Six Nations including beading workshops for youth, hide tanning and seasonal specific community processes.

 The beaders are focussing on Tuscarora Style of raised beading and have been building on their knowledge base by exploring collections and works that speak to the context and the trade of materials used in their creation.