Kitchener-Waterloo native and Toronto-based filmmaker Dylan Reibling explored the artistic potential of the DualView system. He created a number of videos that tested out the technical aspects of video creation for a DualView system – including aspect ratio and codec selection. He was able to use these videos to further progress on stereoscopic projection work – including sync delay and blackout intervals. Working with these experimental videos, and observing issues surrounding lighting, colour palette, and allowable movement, he was able to determine the aesthetic possibilities in this technology. 
Dylan Reibling’s residency was primarily exploratory and he has expressed his desire to continue to develop ideas, themes, and storylines around the technology with the end goal of producing an installation or cinematic presentation.
Dylan returned to Kitchener to participate in the CAFKA biennial, producing the video “CITY HALL” a video projection made for the Kitchener City Hall Cube above the Kitchener City Hall. In the projection, an image of the City Hall, fashioned from ice, stands prominently, and then gradually disappears. 
Hardware Employed
•    DualView projector    
Technical Assistance
•    Gord Harris and Eric Paul  
For more information about Dylan Reibling please watch our interview with him on CAFKA.TV, or check out his web site here