Jesse Scott proposed a research-based project focusing on the development of a new ​UX/UI framework for urban media facades, but because of logistical considerations, developed an alternative project dealing with immersive environments.
Scott spent much of his time during the residency experimenting with the MicroTiles, learning how to interface with them, and exploring the attributes of working with modular screens. Many of these prototypes were made in Processing, which was a familiar code environment to connect to and address screens.
Scott offered significant support to help Krzysztof Wodiczko and Gary Kirkham’s  “Queen Victoria” projection mapping project. 
“When an overnight trip to Kitchener to prep some video for a projection mapping installation for CAFKA stretches into a 2-night marathon, Jesse Scott is there to save your hide with advice, rendering power, and more.” Aylwin Lo
Hardware Employed
•    Christie MicroTiles
•    Hub Interactive Virtual Environment
Software Employed
•    TouchDesigner
Prototypes of MicroTile projects can be seen here and here. HIVE prototyping here