Waterloo artist Laura De Decker was our inaugural artist in residence, beginning in October 2012 at a workstation in the Communitech Hub. As a Waterloo resident Laura was able to continue at her workstation at the Hub after her official residency was complete, improving her working familiarity with new software and preparing a new piece for the CAFKA@The Walper Hotel exhibition.
Laura De Decker created an interactive piece for the Personal Immersive Environment (PIE) called Triangulator using Derivative’s TouchDesigner (software) and TScript (scripting language for TouchDesigner). Visitors could interact with the piece by selecting colour combinations that were graphed as a 3-D model. Each three-colour combination was graphed as a triangle with a texture map applied in the colours that were being represented. The model of intersecting triangles (aesthetic colour records) could be navigated or repositioned using the keyboard or mouse. 
Composition with Multi-Coloured Fur Sphere 
A second piece entitled Composition with Multi-Coloured Fur Sphere was created using Autodesk 3DSMax and MaxScript. The model was used as an immersive environment in the HIVE, and became interactive with the glasses using WorldViz.
Composition in Red, Green, and Blue
Composition in Red, Green, and Blue is a video study of the optical effects of colour and form interactions. It was presented on Christie MicroTiles at the Walper Hotel for the exhibition CAFKA@The Walper Hotel. This is one in a series of studies based on the effects of colour blending, highlighting how colour phenomena interact and transform in close proximity.
Software Employed
•    Derivative TouchDesigner (software) 
•    TScript (scripting language for TouchDesigner)
Hardware Employed
•    Personal Immersive Environment (PIE)
•    Hub Interactive Virtual Environment
•    MicroTiles
Technical Assistance
•    Jordan Priede
For more information on Laura De Decker please watch our interview with her. See also Laura’s personal website