Kitchener City Hall, 200 King St. W., Kitchener
Reece Terris presents a proposal which was to install synchronized pulsing red lights into three architectural structures located at the Lang Tannery Smokestack, Zero to One Studios on King Street, and the Duke Street Parking Garage. The pulsing lights embedded within the architecture of each location conceptually and physically link the different structures together and simultaneously render the buildings visible throughout the downtown core. The model invites one to consider the relationship these structures have with each other and to the urban center. The work illuminates the relationship of a society's hopes and aspirations for the future at specific moments within it own history through an investigation of the formal (and often speculative) qualities of its architecture.
Reece Terris is a Vancouver based artist whose work alters the expected experiential qualities of a place or object through an amplification or shift in the primary function of an original design.
Past projects include a six-storey apartment building temporarily installed in the rotunda of the Vancouver Art Gallery, a pedestrian wooden bridge connecting two residential homes, and an architectural false front added to the existing false front of an artist-run centre. He is the recipient of the 2010 VIVA Award.
His practice is manifest through a variety of media, including sculpture, performance, installation, and photography. Quite often through their hybrid execution, he complicates the traditional definitions of each of these.

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