20. Walter Van Broekhuizen (Amsterdam, NL) - The Green Room

Roos Island, Victoria Park, Kitchener. Photo above: KJ Bedford.
Walter van Broekhuizen investigates the mental and physical experience of space, observation and perception. The Green Room is a room for a tree – a round space that changes the natural context of the tree to create another way of experiencing and looking at a tree for the public invited to enter the circular space.
As a sculptor, Walter van Broekhuizen is interested in the creation of an authentic space. His art considers the mental and physical experience of space, observation and perception, and how all of these are essential as dimensions and how the power of the human condition can influence them. Walter van Broekhuizen studied at the Akademie Sint Joost in Breda and attended the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam where he was a finalist of the Prix de Rome for Drawing in 1998. Walter has worked as an artist in South Africa, Norway, France,Indonesia and Canada, and has exhibited internationally. His commissioned work can be seen throughout the Netherlands. He lives and works in Amsterdam. 
Photo: Gordon Hatt

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