Mural with colour pallet that uses orange, turquoise, and browns. Mural depicts different wild life and plants. Such as a caribou, bear, turtle, humming bird, and fish.

Artist Statement

"Kinship" is a reflection of two different, parallel worlds: one where we long to be connected to community, and one where we are fully immersed in community. I have lived in both of these worlds.

For those in the first world: you aren't alone. The distance we feel from community is collective, and connects us to one another as a form of distant kinship. For those in the second world, we are connected based on our shared values. I hope "kinship" bridges the gap between these worlds, and inspires people to reach out, build meaningful relationships, and understand the importance of belonging to community.

About the artist

Alanah Astehtsi Otsisohkwa Jewell is a bear clan artist from Oneida Nation of the Thames. She uses digital illustrations, acrylic paintings on wood and canvas, and mural work to bring Indigenous art and representation to urban spaces. She is also a community organizer, and hosts Indigenous Art Markets in her home city of Kitchener, Ontario.