Image with english and chinese simplified writing that says " We are the same beings talking in different tongues". Neon background with abstract blue lines.


Artist Statement 

My work explores architectural space, colour theory, memory, and translation through the lens of duality both visually and conceptually. A duality that exists within a body, does not necessarily exist as a pair of oppositions. The pair can also be complementary to each other, or live at the same time as coexistence. Being bilingual and living-in-between, translation is a process that I frequently engage with. Through subtractive simplification, my works are my attempt to discuss the notions of consensus and reconciliation. They transcend flat images or physical space and objects, and document introspective moments. 

About the artist

Brubey Hu is a recent MFA graduate from the University of Waterloo. She holds Bachelor of Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art majored in General Fine Arts. Originally born in Xiamen China, Brubey moved to Vancouver Canada in 2011 for high school, and then to the United States for undergrad. She has exhibited at Art Mûr in Montreal, Canada; Hui Yuan in Hefei, China; and Florida International University in Miami, US.