Legs coming from house the is on fire

Artist Statement

Taken from personal and communal anecdotes, I find playfulness in stories of both joy and sorrow, and all affect in-between. 

Living under an unsustainable system hurts. I have found that the only appropriate response to our current ways of living is heartbreak. It is a chronic condition, fuelled by an anxious, over-worked, exhausted population. I am part of this population, as are you. Finding humour in our stories is an act of resistance, of defiance. It is an act of hope.

Heartbreak takes time, and love, and patience. We can give each other that. 

And these stories, I can give to you.

About the artist

Tee Kundu is an interdisciplinary artist and illustrator. They mostly draw things. In addition, they often work in social practice, performance, zines, facilitation, etc. They want to be a storyteller, and they want to be helpful.