A series of sculptures - one is a box covered in kidney beans holding a bowling ball, another is a white-polka-dot tower filled with stacked plates, with an arm holding towels, and some of the polka-dots are replaced with tennis balls.

It’s the bits

Location: Market Square, 25 Frederick St, Kitchener

May 30, 2021 - August 20, 2021

Through its material form, It’s the bits asks the viewer how the architectural landscape is informed by the agricultural one. The sculptures are presented as various stools, seats, ottomans, and tables. Smaller forms sit on top of larger sculptures, items are glued and stuck together, nesting between found objects. Industrially produced goods like gloves and dental molds are recast, reformed and remade as copies of copies. It's the bits is informed by the use of food items just as much as it is created from them; brass rods with casts of celery are polished with ketchup, plastic wrap is used to seal high fructose candies. Peas are soaked and dried on faux pearl pins, and oyster shells are outlined in biodegradable plastic.

It’s the bits posits a circular loop that informs the consumption of things: foodstuffs informed by agriculture, agriculture informed by architecture, architecture informed by topography and topography informed by foodstuffs.  


It’s the Bits Educational Virtual Tour

About the Artist

Daniel Griffin Hunt works with food politics, agricultural practices, ergonomics and art. Through sculpture, drawing and written works, Hunt presents artworks that highlight the formal, material and ethical concerns complicit in food and human-based relationships.

Image: Daniel Griffin Hunt, It’s the bits (2021), Installation view: Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener + Area (CAFKA), 2021. Photo: David Botros.