Building with a variety of plastic colourful objects crawling up the corner of it.
Photos: Robert McNair
University of Waterloo School of Architecture, 7 Melville Street Courtyard, Cambridge, ON.
May 31st – August 16, 2014, Opening: Saturday, May 31 2-5 pm 
La colección is a large scale, community driven public art project by José Luis Torres, an Argentinean artist currently living in Quebec. Developed for Cambridge, this public artwork will be comprised of found and donated materials reconfigured into a monumental assemblage of a collective memory. Constructed as a site specific installation within the Melville Courtyard, the work integrates fragments of the present daily life of the community contrasted by the industrial architecture of the site.
José Luis Torres was born in Argentina. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in visual arts from Roberto Viola School of Fine Arts (Cordoba), and a Master's Degree in sculpture from Figueroa Alcorta School of Fine Arts (Cordoba) (1991) along with training in architecture and integrating art with architecture from National University of Architecture (Cordoba) (1993). He has been living and working in Quebec since 2003.

His work has been on display in more than thirty Canadian cities and almost a dozen different countries. His pieces can be found in public and private collections around the world.
Produced by Cambridge Galleries Idea Exchange.

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