Location: Victoria Park, Kitchener (Photo: Robert McNair for Sunoptic)

Monuments consists of various iconographic elements relating to statues and public monuments: pedestals, plinths, anonymous characters smashed to the ground, debris of commemorative plaques, pieces of broken columns, and busts. These fragments are held together by an assortment of straps and chains and appear to have been hastily assembled. The incomplete and subjective portrait presented by Monuments opens the door to a reflection about the occupation of public space and the ideals that define us.

Acapulco is an artist collective founded in 2009 in Quebec City by Pierre Brassard, Vincent Hinse and Marie-Pier Lebeau.

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Curated and produced by CAFKA.

Acapulco's participation in CAFKA.16 has been made possible with the support of:

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