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March 29, 2018

CAFKA.18: RECOGNIZE EVERYONE to open June 2 and run through July 1 in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge

CAFKA - Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area announces its upcoming biennial exhibition of contemporary art in the public spaces of Waterloo Region.

CAFKA.18 is CAFKA’s 12th exhibition of contemporary art projects. The biennial exhibition began at Kitchener City Hall in 2000 and has since grown and adapted to this rapidly changing community. It has grown from a weekend festival of visual art to a 30-day program of art installations, art crawls, multilingual-guided tours, art cycle rallies, and family art education. It has expanded beyond Kitchener City Hall to take place throughout Kitchener’s downtown and now the neighbouring municipalities of Waterloo and Cambridge. The CAFKA Program Committee puts together a program of contemporary artwork that animates our public spaces and helps to generate conversations and reflections about the community we live in.  

The theme for the 2018 biennial will be RECOGNIZE EVERYONE. The title comes from an association game created by CAFKA.18 artist Lucy Pullen. RECOGNIZE EVERYONE is a game that helps us to orient ourselves in new places and with new people. Simply by looking to recognize someone you know in the face or the behaviour of a stranger, you are playing the game. RECOGNIZE EVERYONE is a playful and adaptive way to make a home or feel at home, and a creative and engaged way of being in the world.

Featured projects this year will be:

Tipping Point by Andréanne Abbondanza-Bergeron (Montreal)

Kitchener City Hall Rotunda, 200 King Street West. Produced by CAFKA. Sponsored by NEO Architecture.


ENSEMBLE by At The Reception: Kiersten Holden-Ada, Michael McCormack, and Zak Miller-Ada (Halifax)

Goudies Lane, 16 Goudies Lane. Produced by CAFKA.


Guided by Streams by Susan Blight (Toronto)

Transportation Hub Lot, 500 King Street West. Produced by CAFKA. Sponsored by the Region of Waterloo.


Tubelum by Richard Burrows and Scott Lindsay (Guelph)

THEMUSEUM, 10 King Street West. Produced by Open Ears. 


Digital Rituals by Critical Media Lab (Kitchener)

44 Gaukle Street. Produced by Critical Media Lab. 


Negotiating +/- by Marcia Huyer (Toronto)

Conestoga Mall, 550 King Street North. Produced by CAFKA. Sponsored by Conestoga Mall. 


Head Man by Eunjung Hwang (New York)

Kitchener City Hall, 200 King Street West. Produced by CAFKA. 


Parable II: Personas by Colin Labadie (Waterloo)

THEMUSEUM, 10 King Street West. Produced by Open Ears. 


Common by Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan (Berlin)

Various sites in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. Produced by CAFKA. 


[i carry your heart with me (i carry it in] by Dawn Matheson (Guelph)

City Hall Cube, 200 King Street West. Produced by CAFKA. 


ARENA by Benoit Maubrey (Berlin)

Kitchener City Hall, 200 King Street West. Produced by CAFKA. Sponsored by Celebrate Ontario and the City of Kitchener. 


Untitled by Nico Muhly (New York)

Zion Church, 32 Weber St W, Kitchener. Produced by Open Ears. 


Recognize Everyone by Lucy Pullen (New York)

Thalmic Labs, 27 Gaukel Street. Produced by CAFKA. Sponsored by Thalmic Labs.


Post Script: Rebecca Belmore, Susan Blight, Luke Parnell, Melissa General

Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, 101 Queen St N, Produced by Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery and Open Ears. 


Stone, Clay, Fire by Don Russell (Cambridge)

rare Charitable Research Reserve, 1679 Blair Rd. Produced by CAFKA. With the support of Region of Waterloo Arts Fund and rare Charitable Reasearch Reserve. 


Community Thoughts by St. Marie & Walker (Kitchener)

Various sites in Midtown KW. Produced by CAFKA. 


Church by Anna van Milligen (Guelph)

Berlin Tower Gallery, Kitchener City Hall, 200 King Street West. Produced by CAFKA.


CAFKA is again working with its festival partners Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound (May 30 to June 3) and Summer Lights (June 9). In addition to its concert program Open Ears will be presenting sound sculptures Tubelum, a PVC interactive pipe instrument by Richard Burrows and Scott Lindsay; Parable II: Personas, an interactive sound caldron by Colin Labadie at THEMUSEUM and a new installation work by Nico Muhly at Zion Church in Kitchener. 

CAFKA’s curatorial partners this year are the University of Waterloo Art Gallery and University of Waterloo Department of Fine Arts who will be programming artist workshops (research creation projects) at “Arts Quad” on University of Waterloo’s main campus and at UWAG Gallery. Artist and curator Lisa Myers, and artists Golboo Amani, Johanna Householder and Abedar Kamgari will set up and put together their work as well as perform on site. On June 9th UWAG will host an all-day symposium featuring thematic panels including an afternoon panel with CAFKA artists. Please check the CAFKA website for details. UW's Critical Media Lab will be offering memorial services for dead cell phones, complete with a marble slab and 3D printed miniatures of the cell phones donated to the CML. In conjunction with the CAFKA.18 biennial and the Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery will be featuring an important work by Rebecca Belmore, Ayum-ee-aawach Oomama-mowan: Speaking to Their Mother (1991) and new work by CAFKA.18 artist Susan Blight. The exhibition will be curated by Lisa Myers.

CAFKA will be collaborating with the True North Waterloo conference at Lot 42 in Kitchener where Benoît Maubrey will be assembling his interactive sound sculpture ARENA. ARENA will be comprised of over 300 working speakers built into a semi-circular three-tier amphitheatre. The amphitheatre will be at once a functional sculpture that one can sit on as well as doubling as a gigantic PA system. Provision will be made so that anyone can plug into ARENA with a 1/4-inch or 1/8-inch phone jack or connect via Bluetooth. CAFKA will be scheduling open sessions where individuals or groups can sign-up free of charge to perform with ARENA. Stay tuned for further details.

ARENA will be on exhibition at True North Waterloo from May 29 to May 31 after which it will it will be moved to Carl Zehr Square in front of Kitchener City Hall. ARENA has been made possible in part with the support of Celebrate Ontario.

CAFKA is a non-profit, artist run charitable organization that is supported by its members and donors. CAFKA. 18 is made possible with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, City of Kitchener, Celebrate Ontario, Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation - Musagetes Fund, Ontario Arts Council, Region of Waterloo Arts Fund, and City of Waterloo.

Upcoming Dates:

CAFKA & Open Ears Media Launch

Tuesday, April 3, 5 – 7 at Descendants Brewery, 319 Victoria Street North, Kitchener

CAFKA Volunteer Orientation

Sunday, April 22, 2 - 4 PM at Open Sesame, 220 King Street West, Kitchener

CAFKA Opening Reception

Saturday, June 2, 7 PM, Kitchener City Hall

CAFKA Artist Party

Saturday, June 2, 9 PM, 44 Gaukel Street, Kitchener

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