David Atkinson & James Nye (Kitchener, ON), Obstruction Fence, 2009, mixed media installation, approx. 15 m. long, 221-225 King Street West, Kitchener. Photos: Mick Grogan.
Obstruction Fence asks the question‚ "What's behind that construction hoarding?" and offers surprising answers. Kitchener-based artists David Atkinson & James Nye worked with a construction hoarding on King Street, embedding within it a series of small knot-sized peepholes opening to painted, collaged and assemblaged dioramas and toy theatres, revealing various alternate realities in the otherwise presumably empty space. During and after the exhibition Atkinson and Nye continued to add to the hoarding.  For another six months after Veracity had closed, Obstruction Fence provided passing pedestrians with pleasant epiphanies until it finally came down the following spring as part of the King Street renewal.  
James Nye was born in Kitchener and grew up in Ajax and Pickering. He graduated in 200 from the Victoria College of Art in Victoria, BC. He currently lives and works in Kitchener, ON. He exhibits his paintings primarily in Southern Ontario and in British Columbia. David Atkinson was born in Kitchener as well. In addition to his artwork he works as a corporate brand designer, freelance graphic design artist, commercial sign designer, backdrop and set design and music promoter.

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