LED sign that reads "portrayed and"

June Pak (Toronto, ON), The Fine Line (Between Reality & Fiction), 2009, LED light board, 2.13 x .36 m., Kitchener City Hall. Photos: Rob Ring.

The Fine Line (Between Reality & Fiction) is an LED board displaying a typical fictional disclaimer ("The characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are fictitious and any similarity to the name, character and history of any person, living or dead is entirely coincidental and unintentional") at the entrance to Kitchener City Hall. The work calls into question the relationship between the inner workings of a municipal government and the public to which it is responsible. This work has been made possible with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts & Nu-media Display Systems Inc.

June Pak was born in Seoul, South Korea, and now lives in Toronto, Canada. She holds a BFA from York University and a MFA from the University of Windsor. Her time-based and digital media projects explore the human-ness found in the fragmented Self. She currently teaches time-based media and interdisciplinary courses at the University of Western Ontario. Her single-channel videos and media installations have shown at various venues throughout Canada, the US and Europe since 1996.


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