Stefan Rose (Waterloo, ON), Vernacular Veracity: An Investigation of Dry Cleaner Architecture in South Western Ontario, 2009, solo exhibition, Kitchener City Hall Rotunda Gallery and MacIntosh Dry Cleaners. Photo: Stefan Rose.
Vernacular Veracity: An Investigation of Dry Cleaner Architecture in South Western Ontario is an exhibition of eighteen, 8 x 20 inch (20 x 51 cm.) black and white photographs of dry cleaner buildings from the Waterloo Region and other communities in South-Western Ontario. The photographs were made using an 8 x 20 inch format Korona "banquet" or "view" camera (1927 vintage). Local distinctions or similarities may become visible through the architectural choices made by localized business chains. The viewer will be able to contrast their remembered experience of dry cleaners with concrete examples of dry cleaner buildings in full brick-by-brick detail and determine if their memories correspond to the built environment.
Stefan Rose’s artworks cover the range of pure document to impressionistic portrayal. He graduated from Mount Allison University with an Engineering Certificate (1987), Bachelor of Science (1989), and Bachelor of Fine Arts (1991. He is interested in creative and documentary forms, using photography, videography, and poetry. Stefan has exhibited his photographs in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and has received a New Brunswick Arts Award and the Equinox Emerging Artist Video Award. He has collaborations with other artists include Townsend Retraced, 2004 (with Laura Cunningham and Hilary Martin); Death by Chocolate, 2008 (with photographer Andrew Wright); and several video works commissioned by the Penderecki String Quartet, to accompany their performances across Canada and internationally.

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