Triangulation is a series of web based artist projects produced through Ed Video Media Arts Centre in Guelph, Ontario. The development of these projects included intensive workshops, discussion groups and technical support. For most artists this was their first project using databases and scripting.

David Gelbs project Sitestream locates Schneider Creek, which runs through Kitchener but is largely overrun by urban development, through references to everyday and historical placemarkers.

Placelines by Tom Leonhardt allows the viewer to create visual patterns which reflect social behavior by overlaying various map views of Waterloo County.

GoodWater by Rene Meshake, invites the audience to contribute stories about where they travel to find fresh, drinkable water. These locales are then mapped geographically.

North South East West by Graham Thompson uses the Ojibway sweat lodge as an interface metaphor for a meditation on the process of spiritual renewal and healing in his Flash-based project.