Similar to both public signage and graffiti, Templates for Walking Theatre link language to municipal authority and to our personal capacities as citizens for creating new meaning. These graphic and linguistic borders mark differentiation upon the city landscape, and engage our partially free acts of negotiating through it. The Templates arise from an activist impulse: they elicit not only our contemplative faculties, but also new possibilities for our active, bodily behaviour in the streets.

Luis Jacob is a Toronto-based artist whose exhibitions include: Towards a Theory (Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam); Tomorrow's News (Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki); Better Worlds (Agnes Etherington Arts Centre, Kingston); Art is Activism (Fine Arts Building Gallery, University of Alberta, Edmonton); Voices in Transit (Cape Town Central Station, Cape Town); and House Guests: Contemporary Art at the Grange (Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto). Luis Jacob is represented by the Robert Birch Gallery in Toronto.