Person crying with three water droplet shapes project on glass in front

Overflow is an installation inspired from the Grand River which borders Kitchener-Waterloo. Historically, waterways have been border markers for the birth of towns, a natural resource and a source of travel. Water itself is something that connects us all from a far reaching necessity to fear and loss. My intent is to recreate the ephemeral quality of waterways in the everyday environment, where the work oscillates between reality and illusion.

Janet Bellotto is an artist, writer and curatorial initiator who lives and works in Montreal and Toronto. Usually site-specific, her work involves sculpture, installation, photography, sound, video and performance. Bellotto participates in and organizes exhibitions and publications in Ontario, Quebec and Mexico and is involved in various collectives. Current and past projects include: 2002 Mexico-Canada exchange program; ON Trespassing, Toronto; Shout at Eternity, Montreal; curating an exhibition at the liveARTs festival, Toronto Zoo, 2004.