Man made room with on outside and inside walls a projection of a farm.

Transparent Room suspends the viewer in a virtual space - here you see through the walls and the ceiling to the sky, hidden rooms, the street outside. The room that you enter no longer exists, its confining walls replaced by projections of the city, its time accelerated as clouds speed by, cars and people in the street outside racing through their lives. As the time passes, the views become details, then textures and finally just single colours of the objects when seen from this detailed perspective. The images abstract as they are magnified. You may start by seeing just moving colours or you may observe your own city. Information will break down or assemble all around you.

Michael Pinsky graduated from the Royal College of Art. Projects include; In Transit (developed at the V2 Lab, Rotterdam), which showed at the ICA, London, the Economist, London, the Armory Center of the Arts, LA, the Cornerhouse, Manchester and the Rotterdam International Architectural Biennial. Public art commissions for Nexus, Art on the Riverside, British Waterways, Arts Council England, COAST, Commissions East and the NHS. Transparent Room, funded by the Arts Council of England toured the UK. Symposium, Rivercommissions HTBA. Feedback, exhibited in Weimar, Germany and developed at ZKM, Germany and the Ecole d'Art d'Aix-En Provence, France. He has recently received an Art for Architecture award from the RSA.